Overseas IR Report(Fall 2007)

Overseas IR Report(Fall 2007)

This page contains investor relations activity reports.

* We made the reports only when the Vice Governor had attended

Overseas IR Report(Fall 2007)


(1)To achieve competitive cost of funding for the forthcoming foreign bonds through an IR presentation meeting and individually arranged one-on-one investors meetings.

(2)To appeal Tokyo's attractiveness, including financial capability, to overseas investors in cooperation with the Tokyo 2016 Olympic Games Bid Promotion Office and Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs taking charge of city promotion.


Destinations: London, Paris and Frankfurt

Period: From October 13 (Sat.) to October 20 (Sat.), 2007

Participants: Vice Governor, Secretary to Vice Governor, Director of Bond Section, Deputy Director in charge of foreign bond

(Vice Governor and Secretary to Vice Governor visited only London and Paris.)

Main activities during the IR trip

October 14 (Sun.)

October 15 (Mon.)

October 16 (Tue.)

October 17 (Wed.)

October 18 (Thu.) and 19(Fri.)

Future Plan